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Everything Is cake


A world where everything becomes a cake when cut.
We brought the unrealistic cake art that users saw into VR.
'Everything Is Cake' for those who cannot be satisfied with just watching
Pick up the given knife in VR space and cut objects around you.
There is Excalibur that turns everything into a cake.
Take a picture and show it to your Facebook friends.


- Pick up a knife and cut objects

- Cut all the cakes within time limit

- Time is deducted from cutting non-cake objects



SurReal Round

SurReal Round is a VR and AR development company.

We aim to create a variety of interactive media content by utilizing the cross-platform specialized Unity game engine.

We believe VR and AR will change the world, and we've created a world where everything turns into a cake.

Our new journey begins with our team with backgrounds in game development and graphic design in film, advertising and broadcasting.



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